September 19, 2017
Tecumseh, Michigan, U.S.A.
Kiwanis Motto: Serving the Children of the World
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Meeting News


Greeters Mike Bercker and Spencer Ruffner
Presiding Officer Ron Wimple
Note Taker Chuck Gehrke
Photographer Spencer Ruffner
Reporter Lana Archer
Publisher Spencer Ruffner
Invocation George Edison
Song Leader Dan Meikle at the panio


Mike Becker greeting Bill Baker
Spencer Ruffner


Mellisa Tarsha, HR at Kirchoff

President's Announcements

Installation Banquet will be Tuesday, September 26 at 6 PM, meeting starts at 6:30 PM at the Masonic Lodge, catering by Sal's. Free to members, guests are $15.00
Board members with expiring terms: Mike McAran, Mike Becker, John Barnhart, Anne Walker and Mary Tommelein
Board meeting September 27 at 7 AM at the TPS Administration Building. Incoming Board members should attend - Amy Carothers, Terry Lighthall, Melody Fanslau, JoAnn Potvin and Dan Swallow

50/50 Drawing

: $ 37.00 #21 Gayle Hazelbaker, not in. Thanks Gayle


Doug Bird - Provided salespersons with the finished Brochure for the 2017-2018 Travel and Adventure Series to deliver to their contacts.
Sold $14,710 in ads, $12,600 paid already, salespersons asked to inquire about payments due with their contacts.
Brochure distribution: 3,400 Herald, 14,000 Daily Telegram 1,000 Chamber of Commerce, 1,400 TCA, 300 each at Busch's Tecumseh and Clinton, 400 Jerry's Market, and Doug has 200. Wendy asked for 10 to give out to new members.

Ron Wimple - Travel and Adventure Series begins October 10. A new ticket system will be in place soon.
Tom Meyer - Raffle of 2018 Equinox, a fund raiser for Community Learning Connection. Tickets are $20, drawing will be October 20. Tom has tickets.
Tom Meyer - Mary Tommelein needs volunteers and props for the Haunted House at Appleumpkin.
Spencer Ruffner - Chamber of Commerce member of the week is Ellen Leigh, Fine Artistry and Murals.
Spencer Ruffner - Has CROP Walk T-shirts available for $15. This is the 17th Crop Walk.>
Anne Walker - Appleumpkin is rapidly approaching. A sign-up sheet was circulated.
Please sign up, we need lots of helpers at this function. October 14, Saturday from 9-6 and Sunday, October 15 from 10-5.
Lana Archer - Adopt A Highway for Saturday, September 23 is CANCELLED!!
Wendy Brys - The kitchen help asks that we return our plates and silverware to the tubs in a timely fashion so she can get all of them washed by the time she needs to leave. THANKS!!!
Dan Meikle - Flag team captains, please submit your hours to Julie. Text or call Julie at 743-673-8172 or Dan at 517-657-3377.


Amy Carothers Birthday on the 28th. All sang to her.

Fine Session

Ron Publiski informed and quizzed us on Seiche (pronounced saysh).
A seiche is a temporary disturbance or oscillation in the water level of a lake or partially enclosed body of water, especially one caused by changes in atmospheric pressure.
The term was picked up and promoted by François-Alphonse Forel, who made the first scientific observations of them on Switzerland's Lake Geneva in the 1890s.
Big seiches can be really big. Eight fishermen drowned when a 10-foot seiche on Lake Michigan caught them by surprise on the waterfront of Chicago in 1954. On Lake Erie, a seiche with waves 12 to 16 feet high caused flooding near Buffalo in 2008 and in 1848 water defenses 14-feet high were breached by a 22-foot seiche. On this occasion 78 people were killed and the ice dam that the waves created temporarily stopped water flowing over Niagara Falls.
Of the five lakes, Lake Erie produces the most and the largest seiches because of its orientation and shallowness.
They are most likely to occur when prevailing winds blow strongly from southwest to northeast and can affect both Toledo, OH and Buffalo, NY-cities on opposite shores of the lake. Waves up to six feet high are not exceptional and in large bodies of water like this the time period between the "high" and "low" peaks and troughs can be several hours.

Special Fines and Happy Dollars

Mike Becker - Lions Won again!!!!! He has 14 more dollars to spend on more wins
Gayle Hazelbaker - Program at the Tecumseh District Library, Tuesday, September 26 at 7 pm. Kristin Meekhof author of "A Widow's Guide to Healing".
Gayle Hazelbaker - Invited members to participate in the 2017 TDL Community Survey on line at There are prizes to be won.
Walt Harvey - Son and grandkids will be here this weekend.
Spencer Ruffner - Rode on a tandem bike with wife Julie for 25 miles in the Noon Rotary Lenawee Bike Tour.


Terry Lighthall, treasurer presented the 2017-2018 Budget
Terry explained the budgets line by line. Total Administration Budget proposed is $21,665 and total for Service Budget proposed is $38,900. Motion to accept the budgets as presented by Chuck Gehrke, second by Mike McAran and carried.
Breakfast is $5 a week, $20 a month, $62.50 a quarter, $125.00 a half year and $250.00 annually. Annual dues for membership $200.
Prospective member guests eat 3 times free and guests of family members etc are $5.00 each.
Additional funds from the Freer account will be used for "trade school" scholarships. Spencer remarked "cudo's" for the decision on scholarships.
Current dues statements are available on the back table.

  Future Meeting Responsibilities

September 26 No Regular Meeting--Installation Banquet
October 3 Jerry Wolf Sharon Hawley Lana Archer Bill Baker Lana Archer Ron Wimple Kiwanis President Address
October 10 Jane Poczatek Chuck Gehrke Mike Becker Mike Becker Jack Beach Jane Poczatek Tecumseh School Foundation
October 17 JoAnne Potvin Leesa Rine Doug Bird Craig Blasiman Craig Blasiman JoAnne Potivn Way of Life
October 24 Cathi King Chuck Gehrke Megan Porter Wendy Brys Megan Porter Cathi King Pastor Jozef Hahanussa from Indonesia
October 31 Chuck Gehrke Spencer Ruffner Wendy Brys Kelly Coffin Kelly Coffin Tom Meyer TCA Kelly Jo Gilmore
November 7 Amy Carothers Sharon Hawley Carlton Cook George Edison George Edison Wendy Brys Share the Warmth
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