January 16,2018
Tecumseh, Michigan, U.S.A.
Kiwanis Motto: Serving the Children of the World
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Meeting News


Greeters Jane Poczatek and Megan Stevenson
Presiding Officer Ron Wimple
Note Taker Leesa Rine
Photographer Spencer Ruffner
Reporter Lana Archer
Publisher Spencer Ruffner
Invocation George Edison
Song Leader Dan Meikle at the piano


Guest of Megan Stevenson, Jake Wright, with application in hand
Guest of Gayle Hazelbaker, Kimmie Witt

President's Announcements

Motion Tom Meyer, second Doug Bird and carried - Leesa Rine elected board member to replace Terry Lighthall.
Thank you notes from Alice Dusseau, scholarship recipient.
Thank you card from Celebrate Recovery for donation.
Thank you note from Cambrian for the Christmas cards.
Thank you card from Goodwill and Hospice.
All were circulated for members to read.

50/50 Drawing

$27.50 #26 Julie LoMonaco, not here. Thanks Julie

High School Seniors of the Month

Seniors of the Month:
Carlee Swan, who will attend MSU or University of Toledo to pursue a career in Nursing
and her brother Owen Swan, who will attend Spring Arbor to pursue a career in Business Administration.
They were accompanied by their parents.


Ron Publiski - Thank you to those who helped with Boys Swim Meet on Saturday - Kelly Coffin, Mike McAran, Mike Becker, Anne Walker (presented medals), Ken DeRemer, and Gina Nowak.

Ron circulated a thank you notes that he received for the dictionaries we provided to students. Ron still has cases of nuts and looking forward to money coming in.
Wendy Brys - working on programs for our weekly meetings. If you are assigned to provide a program and need a program, contact Wendy as she may have some programs available.


We sang Happy Birthday very loudly as requested by Mike Morast

Fine Session

Fine master, Gayle Hazelbaker quizzed us on Squirrels

Squirrels lose 25% of the food they store to other squirrels and animals.
January 21 is National Squirrel Appreciation Day.
There are 285 squirrel species. The 3 over arching squirrels are Flying, Ground and Tree squirrels.
They can run up to 20 mph and Gray squirrels can jump 8 feet from a standing position.

Special Fines and Happy Dollars

Mary Tommelein - Thanks to the kids performing today for putting for the extra effort to pick up their instruments. There was no school Monday so they had to be creative to get them here.
Matthew Holdridge - daughter is feeling better and back to school but now she is behind in selling her Girl Scout cookies. A sheet was circulated to help her out.
Thanks Matt, our waistlines really appreciate your efforts on her behalf.
Dick Fight - granddaughter was in St Johns when the hurricane happened and Hawaii when the missle threat occurred. He is glad she is OK.
Anne Walker - Thank you to the City for voting in favor of the Women and Children's center in the former Herrick Manor.
Spencer Ruffner paid 2 dollars- for the interesting adventure cross country skiing at Huron Metro park in SE Michigan this last weekend. With the high temperatures last week all the snow melted and caused flooding on the trails. Staff at Huron Medows used a 8" post hole digger to auger through the frost to drain the ponding water. With the two snow guns that they have, when it was cold out they made and stock piled snow. With their snow spreader, they were able to make a 2.5 K trail. I Participated in a 15 K skate race (9.2 miles (6 laps ) on Saturday and a 12K classical race(5 laps) on Sunday.


Mary Tommelein with students from STEAM East.

Audrey Bindus presented a slide show created in collaboration with the Tecumseh Herald and showcasing the song "Tecumseh Christmas Spirit" sang to the tune Holly Jolly Christmas with lyrics written by Christian Hagen.
Students placed Santa mailboxes around town and 35 students responded to over 100 letter written to Santa.
Liam Frost read a poem he authored "The Night Santa Came to Tecumseh".
9 performers from the STEAM East Orchestra, performed "Tecumseh Christmas Spirit" and then played it to accompany Christian when she sang for us Christian Hagen - favorite subject is science,
Rio Doyle- favorite subject Algebra and recently was in Indianapolis auditioning for "The Voice",
Zane Buenaflor- favorite subjects are science and orchestra
Regina Madizar- favorite subject is math,
Briana Small- favorite subject is science,
Jakob Benbow - favorite subject is science,
Kailee Russell- favorite subject math,
Liam Frost - favorite subject English and Science
Ryan Boast - favorite subject English (reading)
Ares Squires - favorite subject science
Audrey Bindus favorite subject is math.
20 learners from STEAM East and STEAM West will participate in the Habitat for Humanity Pasty Project on January 25.
If you are interested in participating with them contact Mary by email or phone.

  Future Meeting Schedule & Responsibilities

Date Invocation Note Taker Greeter1 Greeter2 Fines Program Chair Program Description
January 23 JoAnne Potvin Megan Porter Stevenson Ron Publiski Leesa Rine Lessa Rine Ron Publiski Living Water Mission
January 30 //////////// //////////// /////////// //////////// ////////// Board Meeting
February 06 Melody Fanslau Susan Gilmore Mel Stubi Dan Swallow Dan Swallow Chuck Gehrke The future of Work
February 13 Jerry Wolf Mark Tommelein Anne Walker Anne Walker George Edison Kathy Smith Reading Program
February 20 Walt Harvey Leesa Rine Ruth VanderSande Katie Mattison Katie Mattison Wendy Brys Greg Dolson &Jen Morgan Middle school College
February 27 Chuck Gehrke Dan Swallow Bill Baker Jim Zawackie Jim Zawackie Megan Stevenson Hospice of Lenawee
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