March 13,2018
Tecumseh, Michigan, U.S.A.
Kiwanis Motto: Serving the Children of the World
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Meeting News


Greeters Carlton Cook and Dick Feight
Presiding Officer Ron Wimple
Note Taker Jane Poczatek
Photographer Spencer Ruffner
Reporter Lana Archer
Publisher Spencer Ruffner
Invocation Ron Publiski
Song Leader Dan Meikle at the piano

President's Announcements

Thank You from CPC Lenawee (Care Pregnancy Center) for our recent donation
Travel and flyers for next season are ready.
Reminder that Mark Tommelein is collecting receipts from Jerry's Market. A tally of the amount of funds raised will soon be available.
Letter of resignation has been received from Gayle Hazelbaker.
Ron Wimple -Travel and Adventure is tonight, March 13, Colorado River.

50/50 Drawing

$27.00 #1 Lana Archer, congratulations!


Dick Feight announced that Jerry Wolf had a heart attack last Tuesday morning. He is home and doing well. Cards are welcome, but visits are restricted. His address is: 31 Crofton Court, Adrian, MI 49221.


Doug Bird, March 17, wearing a handsome green, sequined bow tie, he stood upfront while members serenaded him with "swan" arms. He also paid $7, one for each decade, to celebrate turning 70.


Melanie and Scott Fanslau celebrating 33 years. We sang with "joy".

Fine Session

Finemaster was Matt Holdridge quizzing us on Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar's first name was Gaius
60% of the English language is derived from Latin or Greek.
March 15 is the Ides of March, deadline in modern times for settling debts.
Julius was assassinated in 44 BC.
60 conspirators were involved in his death, they were led by Longinus and Brutus. He suffered 27 stab wounds, the 2nd one killed him.
July is named after Caeser.
The 2 actors that starred in the movie "Ides of March" in 2011 were Ryan Gosling and George Clooney.

Special Fines and Happy Dollars

Lana Archer paid up for winning the pot today.
Lana Archer paid to circulate a fundraising event for Associated Charities. The 5th Annual Battle of the Badges, Smoke Eaters (firemen) vs Blue Knight (policemen) being held on Friday March 16 door open at 6:30pm and game starts at 7pm. Held at Arrington Ice Arena. Admission is by donation. Lana Archer paid for a fun time at March Mingle.
Doug Bird for the British Tea Garden supplying todays "green" candy bars and him forgetting to put them on the head table.
Ron Publiski for Tom Meyer's terrific outfit as "Wolverine" at the March Mingle.
Joanne Potvin for a friend having a baby boy, Andy Jr.


Wendy Brys introduced Sister Maria Browny, Adrian Dominican Sister.
Sister Maria Browny, Adrian Dominican Sister Sister spoke on Who they are (A wedge of light piercing the darkness of the world),
Why they are in Adrian and What they Do. Adrian Dominican Sisters "Seek Truth, Make Peace, Reverence Life". Their ministries include education., health care, peace & justice advocacy, ecology, spirituality, social service and the arts.

Founded in the 1200's by Dominic Gusman. Titles are Order of Preachers, so they have an "OP" after their name.

Dominic brought women together in France to pray for the men going out to battle. The original French convent burned down during the French Revolution but has since been rebuilt and remains today. Its infrastructure is similar to Kiwanis with delegates/representative.

They gather every six years and set "enactment" goals that they will work toward. Any Sisters may attend and they all have a voice. At the General Chapter of 2016 the Adrian Dominican Sisters adopted 4 Enactments for living out the vision through 2022.
1. Rooted in the Gospel, we recognize our own spiritual longings and those of the world. We commit to deepen our spirituality and to engage with others in prayer and presence in order to witness to the mystery of God in our midst.
2. Recognizing the violence against Earth community that places our common home in dire jeopardy and intensifies the suffering of people on the margins, future generations and all creation, we will sacrifice to mitigate significantly our impact on climate change and ecological degradation.
3. Recognizing that racism, violence, and intolerance of diversity fuel marginalization, we pledge our lives money and other resources to facilitate and participate in creating resilient communities with people who are relegated to the margins, valuing their faith wisdom and integrity.
4. Rooted in the joy of the Gospel, we will embrace and nurture our rich diversity commit ourselves to deepening our relationship with one another, invite others to vowed and Associate life, and expand collaboration for the sake of the Mission.

They have a mission statement and it guides all their actions. In the mission of Jesus, we Adrian Dominican Sisters discover and identify ourselves as women called together to share faith and life with one another and sent into our world to be with others bearers and recipients of his love co-creators of his justice and peace.
A German group, formed in 1213, eventually sent sisters to the US who found their way to Adrian. A hospital was built, and Siena Heights was also eventually formed.

At first it was a women's college. Our member Tom Meyer, was the third man to receive a grad degree from there.

Dominican Sisters are in 22 states, the Philippines, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Norway. Sister Maria also spent time in Kentucky and was director of Parish Life at a couple of different parishes.
They have been in Adrian since 1879 and on the campus of Siena (which is a ministry of the Sisters) since 1884. There is a nursing home also that cares for about 200 of the Sisters. They are supported through fundraising. Amy Palmer, their Development Director reaches out to get donations and they have made good investments. Very slowly they are adding other nuns. They stopped wearing habits in the early 70's and now wear the "clothing of the people".


  Future Meeting Schedule & Responsibilities

Date Invocation Note Taker Greeter1 Greeter2 Fines Program Chair Program Description
March 20 George Edison Kelly Coffin Doug Bird Chuck Gehrke Doug Bird Spencer Ruffner Region 2 Agency on Aging -Glen Ashlock
March 27 Jane Poczatek Walt Harvey Wendy Brys Mel Stubli Lisa Hand Lana Archer Stich'n Stuff Bixby Auxillary
April 3 Carlton Cook Gina Nowack Dick Feight Craig Blasiman Craig Blaisman Wendy Lana Kiwanis Committees
April 10 JoAnne Potvin Jake Wright Megan Porter Susan Gilmore Susan Gilmore Wendy Pat Deer-Relationship Marketing
April 17 Chuck Gehrke Jane Poczatek Ann Walker Tom Meyer Tom Meyer Ron Publiski Brian McDowell -Astronom Night Wich
April 24 Dan Swallow Wendy Brys Dawn Wertz Dawn Wertz George Eidson Bradly Koobamer-MGS Publishers
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